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Q: How do you decide who obtains the codes?

A: For the total amount of tickets available for this event, there is an amount of codes associated to presale system randomly assigned by ballot. As long as your personal information has been verified, you will receive an exclusive code. 

Q: I see there are a lot of fans like me complaining because they are authentic fans, but the system is not verifying them. The system has made a mistake and it has blocked me. What can I do? Am I not going to be able to get tickets?

A: The system analyses not only your personal information (name, surname, email…) but it also considers other information. If you have not been verified, it’s possible the system has detected some irregularity in your case, that’s why it’s not allowing the presale access. Or you might just not have been selected in the codes ballot the system does for the fans. Nevertheless, don’t worry, you will have the chance of getting your ticket in the official sale Friday 16 June at 9 a.m.


Please note that any purchase suspected to be a fraud will be cancelled without any prior notice.

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