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Q: How do I register on the European presale of Harry Styles?

A: It's very easy. Go to and enter your information to register.

Q: Can I register for the presale from outside of Spain?

A: Yes, if you are outside Europe you can register for the presale, but you will only be able to do so for the European tour dates.

Q: Can I register for Harry Style’s presale more than once?

A: As a fan you can only register once per concert for the European presale tour dates. That is, you can register for two different Harry Style’s concert dates (i.e. one in Barcelona and another in London). But you won’t be able to register twice for the same concert. This way, we make sure that all of you have the opportunity to buy tickets in a fair way.

Q: Can I register for more than one European date for Harry Style’s presale?

A: Yes, if you are interested in several European Tour dates you can register for more than one concert/date and attend as many shows as you want. But, you will only have the opportunity to do it once per concert.

Q: If I register more than once with the same email, will I be disqualified?

A: Don’t worry, you won’ be disqualified. But only the last registration for that date/event will be saved.

Q: Can I register twice using different email accounts?

A: No. Have in mind that if you register your personal information and an email address, and then you register again with a different email address, you run the risk of the system detecting the relation between both accounts and denying your access to the presale. This might be detected as an irregularity in your contact information, that’s why we recommend that you register with your usual email address.

Q: Is a Ticketmaster account necessary to register for the presale?

A: No. To register for the Harry Style’s presale invitation, a Ticketmaster account is not necessary.

Q: Is a Ticketmaster account necessary to buy?

A: As usual, if you don’t have an account you will have to create one during the purchase process. Don’t have a Ticketmaster account? Create one here.

Q: When does the presale registration open?

A: Access to the presale registration will open from 4 p.m. Thursday 8 June to Sunday 11 June at 10 p.m., you can access here

Q: Will I receive a confirmation once I register?

A: Yes, but not immediately. The registration process takes time. Have in mind that once the system receives your information, it will start an indentification process to verify that your profile is correct, and thus, will confirm if you are (or not) a real fan. If you are correctly verified, you will receive the confirmation of your registration Tuesday 13 June at night or until moments before the programmed presale for 14 June.

Q: Does making the registration mean that I will receive a code?

A: No. Successfully registering doesn’t guarantee receiving a code. Obtaining a code will depend on the veracity and authenticity of your information as a fan and of being selected in the ballot.

Q: If I receive a code does that mean I will get the tickets?

A: No. If you receive the code it means you have the opportunity of buying tickets in the presale in your hands, but obtaining the tickets is not guaranteed (there may be a big number of fans trying to buy the tickets just like you, once you receive the code), That’s why you must hurry and take your chance!

Q: If I’m not verified, could I have the opportunity of obtaining my tickets?

A: Yes, but you will have less possibilities of getting them because there will be very little availability.

Q: If I receive a code will it work for more than one date?

A: No. If you receive a code, it can only be used for the concert/date that you registered for. It’s a unique code, only valid for a specific concert. But you can register for more than one concert.

Q: How can I know more about the tour outside Europe?

A: To know all the details of the Harry Styles tour both in Europe and outside, you can visit Harry Styles Official Website where you will find the full concert, tour dates list and every detail you want to know.

Q: I have registered in other occasions for presales outside Spain, should I receive a code?

A: No. Every artist has a specific presale process. Each presale is unique and different, that’s why, you will have to register separately for each artist/concert that you are interested in and (if you are verified) you will receive the corresponding code.

Q: When will I receive my presale code?

A: The code is exclusive and you will only receive it if you have been verified and selected in the ballot. If that is the case, you will receive it Tuesday 13 June at night or until moments before the programmed presale for 14 June at 9 a.m. You will receive it in the email you facilitated when registering. For any incidence or question, you can fill our contact form, contact us by phone in 902 150 025 or write via Facebook or Twitter.

Q: When’s the presale?

A: The presale will be active from Wednesday 14 June from 9 a.m. only for those fans who received the code correctly, until 7 a.m. Friday16 June.

Q: What’s the limit of tickets I can buy?

A: In order for you to enjoy your favorite artists as many fans as possible, a maximum limit of four (4) tickets per code is set.

Q: Does buying the album guarantee the opportunity of buying the tickets?

A: No. In Europe, buying the album offers no guarantee and doesn’t affect the tickets presale process. They are two different and independent products.



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