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How to buy tickets

We offer you different possibilities in order that you can buy tickets with us as easy as possible:
  • Internet: buying through our web site, apart from avoiding queues, you will also be able to check your purchase historic at any time.
  • Telephone: call us at 902 15 00 25 and we are managing your purchase.
  • Authorized establishments: currently we have over 1000 stores integrated into our network, where you can also buy your tickets in cash.
  • ATMs with selling and collecting service: you will find them on the access of the enclosures which give this type of selling.

You can buy your tickets with Visa, MasterCard and American Express*, regardless of the entity and modality (debit or credit) and in completely safe way.

Remember that you can also buy in cash on our authorized establishments.

Attention! Our system does not allow payments with virtual cards, but if by error you already made the purchase, contact us here.

* Cinema tickets are managed by an external sales system, so payment can only be done through Visa or Mastercard. Same case could happen in spectacles that Ticketmaster doesn’t manage directly.

Recommendations to get your tickets for high demand events

When a high demand event goes on sale, there are literally thousands of people trying to access simultaneously to the tickets’ sale through all our channels. In order to streamline the process and provide you with a seamless experience as possible, we have gathered some tips to help you before, during and after the purchase of your tickets:

  • As part of the process, it is possible that the system places you in a virtual queue. It is recommended that you stay in the queue respecting the expected wait instead of refreshing and lose your position.
  • If you refresh the page once you are in the virtual queue or you get out of it to get in again, you will be abandoning the process, so when you get in again you will be placed in the end of the virtual queue. This will result in a bigger slowdown and will increase the wait.
  • If you are not registered on My Ticketmaster, we recommend creating an account. The purchase process will accelerate and you will also have the opportunity to be the first to know when the events that you have marked as favorites go on sale.
  • Be sure to have on hand all the payment details (debit and / or credit) at the beginning of the purchase process.
  • You can expedite the selection tickets process deciding in advance the mode of tickets you want to buy and the enclosure area where they should be located.
  • Do you want to print your tickets at home? If you've chosen our Print-at-Home system, we remind you that it is not necessary to print the tickets immediately after the purchase. Printing them at a later time of lower demand will agile the process.
  • Remember that the purchase reference and the confirmation e-mail are the only guarantee of a successful purchase.
  1. Use our searcher to find the show you want to buy tickets for
  2. Choose the sessions and click “Buy tickets”
  3. Select the number of tickets you want and choose the price range you prefer. If it is a numbered event, you will be able to change the assigned seats.*
  4. Introduce your user details and the payment details. You can keep calm, our website is completely safe.
  5. Revise the purchase details before continuing.
  6. Your purchase has been finished! On that point, we will show you the confirmation on the screen and we will also send it to you by e-mail (remember to check the Spam folder, or at Promotions folder, if you have Gmail account).

*Warning: your selected seats are blocked for 5 minutes so if you do not complete the purchase you must wait out that time to be able to select the same locations once again.

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